I’m Tally Tait Wells born and raised in rural  northern Wyoming with a post office address in Deaver – no not Denver you read it right. Directionally 3 hours East of Yellowstone National Park and 5 minutes south of the Montana Border.

This year is exciting because it is my senior year at the University of Wyoming studying Agricultural Communication with a minor in General Agribusiness and Economics.

My interests first and foremost lie in the agricultural world if you could not guess! Working with cows and riding horses  are my joy when the opportunity arises. Also my guilty pleasures are running cross country, down hill skiing, jamming musically with friends, camping while star gazing, reading just about any how to book I can find, and good girl talk with friends.

Beginning this blog will be a hands on learning experience to start vocalizing my writing online in a professional setting. Career wise I hope to find a position involving interviewing and presenting topics related to agriculture/rodeo information, whether that be through writing or broadcasting. My dream is to become another voice that promotes the cowboy western culture of this generation.