Company Social Media Comparison


Social media makes an amazing tool for marketing a company/product, while creating a personal platform connecting companies to the public. It allows the company to have constant contact to stay current in a customer’s media viewing. This essential tool takes a lot of work and and consideration for meeting media users expectation of fun, quick and interactive. Maintaining the brand of the company, providing insightful news feed, and making the public feel a personal connection to the source empowers a company. If the message fails to meet these expectations the media public probably will find a new source to immerse their attention.

This analysis reviews Casper Star -Tribune


Casper Star – Tribune Logo

and Wyoming Tribune Eagle


Wyoming Tribune Eagle Logo

social media platforms to build a innovate news organization user friendly to demographics. Both organizations are considered  New York Times status in Wyoming, for they are the bigger news outlets and assumed to provide quality stories.

Casper Star and Wyoming Tribune both pride themselves on being the number one Wyoming News sources for daily information. Their brands and picturing represent associated Wyoming logos of the bucking horse and landscape views that represent dedication to the state. These two news outlets compete in the same category for staying fresh and reliable to maintain the most readership within the state.

Casper Star  identifies on all media sites, “is the leading source for Wyoming news.” That branding statement sets high standards for this news medium to provide all current and interactive news in any shape or form. Not only maintaining this expectation on print but in the high pace world of the internet. They use common Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even a Pinterest accounts. (Upon my research I did come across their Pinterest page but reviewing their website they do not include it as a media button to explore, so I assume they must have discontinued using that account.)


Casper Star- Tribune Facebook profile picture.

The Facebook page was update, professional, including the nonlinear approach to breaking up the types of media and including multiple videos for viewers to watch as well.




Twitter also matched the Facebook page, its unique feature of Town Crier posts, which I am not positive if their team or an outside source posts to their page, adds a more human interest and a lighthearted aspect to their social media.


Casper Star – Tribune Twitter page.



Casper Star – Tribune photographer’s Instagram Page.

The Instagram page is assigned to the photographers and is used to showcase their photographers talent. The pictures reach to the younger audience of media users and incorporate their interests in the news world.


Finally, the Pinterest account repins most social media accounts and add another way to catch another iconic group that may not watch news media on other accounts.


Casper Star – Tribune Pinterest page.

The Casper Star’s multidimensional aspect incorporates the fun interactive news that can not be included into the print version and web version of the newspaper adds an engaging element that keeps readers appetites wanting more. Especially the  Instagram pictures showcasing high quality aspects along with professionalism.


Casper Star Tribune Facebook star rating.

Some technicalities brought down the media, like the Facebook reviews rating the Star 3.4 out of 5 stars, and they have the review posted at the top right corner of the page where any newcomer sees right away. It might cause new users to question the credibility of the news organization. The Instagram page had not been updated for more than a week. Not saturating each account at least weekly, lets down the followers. They follow because wanting the behind the scenes updates and action, but not receiving that media lowers the attention that could be offered to the Casper Star site. On the Facebook and Twitter article clicking the links, they did open up into a new table but every time before you could read the article a required Google survey overshadowed the story. That will lose the reading public, to another news source.


Wyoming Tribune Eagle Facebook score of message response time.

 Wyoming Tribune Eagle maintains a Facebook and Twitter account. Each account was cohesive in posts and articles uploaded to each site.Rather than the 5 star review as seen with Casper Star Tribune they have the Facebook rate stating the quick message response time to the public is under an hour. Its a very clean setup with articles and some videos on either account and remains very centrally focused on both.


Wyoming Tribune Eagle Twitter page.

The Twitter page has interactive quotes from many different speakers and events going on in the local area.  The WTE does not seem overstretched in maintaining their media accounts. The links to their articles on the website opened into a new tab and allowed immediate access to reading the story with no interference.

Despite their clean setup in management, it appears to get overly repetitive and lacking some creativity to break up the news stories that already appear in print and on the web.  Also, they targeted their two media accounts effectively, but maybe looking into an account to appeal to a younger audience would be in order. Finally, Casper Star stated their brand as the about info section on every media platform, that would offer more insight and pride to the viewer if WTE followed suit.

The social media panel indicated the importance of creating a relation with the public and saturating upbeat and engaging media. That aspect really helped me recognize the quality of Casper Star in their use of multimedia in pictures and videos. Also they mentioned only having as many accounts as can be maintained and I definitely recognized that aspect with the Wyoming Tribune Eagle which has a high response rate and is clean in all delivery of their media accounts.


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