CC Rabbitry: Cassie’s Story the edited version

First sitting down to edit this interview, many ideas for organizing the story kept rolling in my mind. I hit the play button anticipating my first editing cut. All of the sudden the guide that rushes horizontally across the screen indicating briefly the location of the audio blew past my screen and I realized I would be here for awhile. It took quite a bit of time to become familiar with the operational tools of audacity and the first hour was very frustrating. A very rough first cut between words spoken very closely together gave me an instant appreciation for the work professional producers do when creating audio going across the radio. After some playing around time, I developed a system of taking one section at a time first listening for nitty gritty details, then for awkward and or umh statemtents, and then moving the clip to a better position. Repetition of the process  continued until reaching the 2 minute flag. Seeing my clip stopped at the 2:11 mark, all I could think, it’s a story.

I really enjoyed taking a rough interview and turning it into a story that might catch the interest of others. So many unique experiences happen in different ways to many people and I love opportunities of hearing a story told. Reformatting the story into a quick listen about  childhood businesses benefiting a young Colorado girl, excited me that I created order of the story.

What is with the horizontal dial that fly’s across the screen? If I could have put a whoa Nelly on that little tracker, my life would have been simple. I am confident a shortcut does exist and probably takes a more computer savvy individual than myself. Honestly, most of the process not much frustration, but that indicator moving so fast because of humans voice speed was inconvenient. I found myself staring at the time numbers at the top of the audio so I could hit the space bar to find the section that needing editing. I wanted to depend upon the indicator but it sped by so fast it caused more confusion than aid.

Surprisingly, listening to the audio over and over again, made my decisions easier in keeping and organizing sections of the story. When I started the thought kept reoccurring, I will never want to hear this story again. Actually by the end my opinion changed, hearing the clip on repeat for a few hours allowed me to detach myself from portions of the story that I originally felt necessary. It may not be true in all interviews, but Cassie repeated herself in a couple of different sections and made it easier to chose which version explained her point better.  If not for listening to that audio over 25 times, let us be honest it was probably more, might have caused me to miss the benefit of telling certain parts of the story in one place over another.

A few sections in my clip did not cut smoothly and greatly disappointed me. Cassie did a great job in pausing between her answers offering plenty of easy cuts. However, some sections had and’s or umh’s at the beginning and end of certain phrases. I tried religiously to dismantle them smoothly, but I will require future hand’s on instruction for that hiccup. Using the arrows on the keyboard did help with moving one step at a time through the sound waves for a neater cut, but she ran her words over the top of each other making it impossible to have a clear separation. I think this audio has great potential for telling a positive story. I want to clean it up more from its current state. Overall, it is a big improvement from the first recording and conveys the story.





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