Raw Audio


Pressing the record button and the recorder is going. I interviewed Cassie Pfeifer about the meat rabbit business she ran with her sister while growing up. We were sitting outside the classroom building with the nice fall sun shining down and for once there was not any wind. Ninth street was directly behind us so the mics picked up traffic sounds, but personally I think that will place the listener in the feeling of sitting at the park while hearing Cassie’s story.

Whenever I conduct interviews for volunteer activities and school research projects, I use a voice recorder app to capture the conversation to allow for a more comfortable interview. I enjoy the interaction that goes into specifically discussing topics that  I as an interviewer can gain the human interest angle. It is odd that I have rarely been interviewed. It was interesting getting to talk for the whole discussion and not limit my conversation so the interviewee can tell their whole story.

I actually enjoyed getting to do both aspects of audio recording. Audio stories are my favorite type of media and participating in this activity was great. I did find it difficult not to add filler words and interact with my interviewee. I conduct interviews like I am having a causal conversation and I add filler words to let them know I am right with them. However, I compromised by nodding my head rather than talking.

Honestly, I was pleased with the whole process.Cassie and I had both sat down with topics in mind and both of us were very prepared to be specific in our interviews that we helped each other reach specific criteria for the assignment. I look forward to seeing what I do with editing. Since I was a kid I have loved listening to radio dramas and podcasts and I never considered actually making an audio story.


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