Photojournalism Assignment

Sunday afternoon I was walking on the path around Washington Park, and looked to the left to see this little boy, the playground player, running up and down the playground equipment. In between all of that he would throw his ball to one side of the equipment, run over and grab the ball and then throw it back to the other side. His running around made it hard to catch his face directly in the lens. This was the only picture I captured of him looking into the camera. His young child energy was infectious and had me smiling the whole time I photographed him. At one point I asked, do you like having your picture taken and he looks at me then hollers “Cheese!!” I went for framing with the playground equipment. I wanted my viewers getting a sense of the surrounding environment that held Ryder’s interest.

Playground Player:


Ryder is enjoying his Sunday afternoon at the Washington Park playground chasing and throwing his little green ball.

Tuesday afternoon I went to the UW rodeo teams bucking horse practices. The atmosphere is quite different from a rodeo performance. It is quieter, methodical, and less livestock. Really the only loud sounds were the broncs heavy breathing while they bucked and the pickup man’s horses running to catch the broncs so their riders could undo the flank straps. The creative device that I caught in this picture was focus. While the horses were bucking it was hard to catch a clear picture of them and the rider with all of the movement. But I was successful in one picture. I would call it he rides the wild horses because not everyone is going to get on a bronc for fun. The other issue was standing in a good spot to catch the action. For this ride I went up higher than the rest of my shots, which really helped to catch the a clear picture of the action.  The only disappointing part was at this angle it was difficult cutting the fence out of the shots.

He Rides the Wild Horses:


Casey Manning, a senior at the University of Wyoming,a saddle bronc rider who just came back this year after taking last season off for knee surgery, is practicing at Hansen Arena for the upcoming weekend college rodeo in Riverton.

Also on the Sunday afternoon at the park I came across two brothers playing a very competitive basketball game. There were dark clouds moving across the sky with the wind picking up that may have discouraged some people but these boys could not be stopped from continuing their friendly game. I went for viewpoint to capture the players, the ball, and the hoop from a lower shot to incorporate all the aspects of the game. Brotherly Competition added an element to these fall days out at the park. Lightning was hard in this round, I really liked the subject matter here and the rest of my pictures were affected by the sun, but I would not call this one perfect but the competition that you see between the brothers is why I still chose this photo.

Brotherly Competition:


Ethan (left) and Tristan (right) have a brotherly Sunday afternoon basketball game at Washington Park.

While at Hansen arena before running the horses into the chutes the boys sat on the outside getting prepped and geared up. Some putting on their chaps, some rechecking their cinches on their bronc saddles, and others taping their wrists. Kolt Ferguson is a recent exchange student from Australia, while I was walking around I noticed him getting ready and the fence and horse in the background. It created a rule of thirds with Kolt, the horse, fence, and the volunteer man on the lines that create the grid. Practice prep was probably my favorite to shoot.

Practice Prep:


Kolt Ferguson, a freshman from Australia on the UW rodeo team, taping his wrist for his practice saddle bronc ride at Hansen arena.

Finally, my last shot at the arena was completely unexpected and I am very happy I took it. The rodeo team has a contractor from the local area bring bucking stock to practice. The stock contractor’s wife came along and brought their little son Casey Suttee. Little cowboy kept running around like a little roman candle. He was all over the place with a pause button and catching him in his little ventures was very interesting. I went for a size comparison in the photo. The man behind him is Clayton who was helping as a pick up man for the bronc practice. He afforded a great size comparison to little Casey.

Little Cowboy:


Casey Suttee the stock contractors son at Hansen arena getting ready to hand hoof wraps to Clayton behind him.

After this assignment it surprised me how few pictures I had that I really liked with a lot being blury or obtrusive lights. If I could have a redo I would be way more mindful of lights that diminished the story of the photos. Finally, especially at the park I was shocked how the people were not forthcoming in giving out last names and I will have to work on getting that from them.


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