Creative Device Photography


Remnants of summer passed, bringing forth signs of fall this week. In the midst of this transition, I found a few opportunities with my smartphone camera to snap pictures intentionally displaying various creative devices.


Small triangle flower beds, line the outside courtyard outlying the College of Arts and Science. The brilliant yellow color against the tan background matches UW colors.

As we went out for our class project, my eyes were drawn to these yellow flowers on the left. Using the dominant device focus, allows them to fill your eyes to look at the rest of the photo after your first glance. Really focusing on the flowers works with the background not having overwhelming elements to take away from the focus  of the flowers.  There are additional devices helping the overall appeal of the subject. The mustard yellow of the flowers stand out around the ordinary background with very earthy colors. Getting down to the ground level of the flowers, provides a clear view of the individuals flowers growing on campus.


Prexy’s pasture opens up into an open expanse very similar to a pasture out in the field. The benefit is the sidewalk that guides the eye to the enormous blue and white sky.

Moving closer to Prexy’s Pasture, the clouds formed interesting patterns, and I sat down to capture just the clouds. Sitting there my eyes followed the sidewalk, then I slowly looked up above the tree line and beyond the sky. I was aiming for the dominant device to be a leading line using the sidewalk so the observer could follow my eye pattern to eventually look at the sky. Aiding this picture is the height of the trees to create depth between the grass and the sky. Also the rule of thirds roughly apply, because the trees and the post in the distant create the vertical lines and the horizontal lines are represented by the blue sky, the trees, and the green grass.


The smooth straight lines holding the stones together mimic stick letters, among the stones on each light post around the University of Wyoming campus.

Certain light posts along the sidewalk, have stone work base matching the surrounding buildings. A “T” outlined in the mortar, catching my eye because of the beginning letter in my name. Stone work must be square and level to be eye appealing and structurally correct.  Cropping is another device focusing in on a part of the base while including the grassy background. All of this takes a simple structure and focuses on the details supporting the whole.


Droplets of water creating animated shapes on a blue car hood.



Friday brought a heavy rainstorm to the area, and in my hope to capture a rainbow picture, I noticed textured raindrops on the hood of my roommates car. The water droplets beveled on the hood created many shapes that can be left to the imagination similar to cloud watching for the various pictures in the sky. The use of background is another component adding to the smooth and even plane of the splashes of water.



Lying in the green grass was a fallen red leaf that offers pure fall color to the fading yard.

My front yard has patches of  green and brown grass, with the beginning of fall brilliant red leaves have dotted the checkered yard. The eye is immediately drawn to the vintage red which establishes the use of color to garner attention. Another contributing device is contrast in the types of colors. Green and tan are more earthy tones and the red pops out of the picture creating a distinct difference in the color scheme.



My biggest surprise was how strategic the angles needed to be when taking pictures at the noon hour. Even where there was trees blocking the sun I thought it would add the quality of the photo but even still  I needed to be aware of my position. For the next time I would like a thorough description of how to photograph with natural light. I want to be confident in my skill when pictures need taken on the fly. Practice over time will bring more assurance to the job.


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