News Diet: My Story

I am a lover of stories. Not just because you can count on me as a girl to gossip, but simply the person’s or situation’s beginning, middle, and end of the event. Now I cannot say that investing every morning or evening to the first edition paper or the hard hitting 5:30 pm news trumps my overwhelming need for coffee. Yet human interest is my soft spot.

Sunday nights at my house as a child always began with the tick tick of the stopwatch for the 60 Minutes show on CBS. My mother stayed very devoted to watching the news morning and night, but I would always try to disappear except if it was 60 Minutes then instantly I sat down in my personal recliner.

The setup contained a list of stories for the hour that were fully investigated and diverse in their topics. Essentially they were mini documentaries that could show the inside story of the specific topic. I fully trust this resource just based on the detail of research, the rigorous questions that investigated all points of the story, and the live footage incorporated into every segment. Granted the stories were slanted toward the angle of the investigated story, but that led to ease of better understanding.

With being very preoccupied by school work and college social life my dependence for current new is through Facebook. My local area has a Facebook page, the Basin Reboot, that hires specific employees to travel the area gathering information to update the surrounding area of all important are issues, linking one end of the basin to the other. Plus, it provides efficient reporting to the local area that does not require a newspaper subscription. In that regard I trust that outlet for they use the entertainment app to provide their information of the local news.

During the summers between my college years is the most time I have discussed news topics. Generally, these summer topics reported on Fox news such as the political campaigns, ISIS attacks, and economy concerns kept my boss and I in constant discussion on how these issues are plaguing our country.  This became a regular occurrence with Fox playing every day when we would break for lunch.

As with everything, my news diet is far from perfect. Particularly, I rush towards human interest stories such as a main feature about successful people. However, there is more going on in the current world than just people’s lives.

There are economic factors, acts of the politicians’ decisions in Washington, public policy, health and safety, and the list continues. Taking the time to read the news section rather than my magazine would be to my benefit as an active member headed towards the working world. Staying aware leads to better knowledge of information to events and choices that will affect my life and yours.


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